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    Good habits formed at youth make all the difference - Aristotle

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    Youth comes but once in a lifetime - Henry Longfellow

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    It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are - E E. Cummings

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    Keep true to the dreams of your youth - Friedrich Schiller

    About TeensThink

    TeensThink (TT) is a leadership, educative, and interactive platform geared towards building outstanding leaders digitally oriented with great marketable and communication skills with a wide interest in reading educative and informative materials to succeed.

    TeensThink is an initiative of MarchMedia a fast-paced agency based in Lagos Nigeria. Our pilot project is the TeensThink National Essay Competition.

    Book Club


    Our Vision for


    Reach their full potential

    We will help the teens reach their full potential by bringing out the best in their skills and talents and teaching them to be positive in all their endeavours.

    Increase life-skills for their future

    In everyday life, the development of life skills helps students to find new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Life skills include Self-awareness, Empathy, Critical.

    Promote career & college preparation

    Teens will be tutored and guided on what to study in college based on their abilities. They will also be guided in choosing a suitable career.


    Create a global community of teens that makes change happen. Catalyze a community of teens who collaboratively create personal and social change.

    Equip teens to enjoy their teenage years, while also using them to catapult them to future career success.


    We believe that all teens need support and a good environment to flourish, no matter their background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, or gender. We recognize that we are part of a global community and as such have a global impact.

    We will assist the connection between corporates and teens enhancing youth opportunities, and the talent pool for corporates in the future. Every teen has unique gifts and untapped potentials that we can help to release for the interest of themselves and society.

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    Nowadays teenagers mostly search for fashion tips, outfits, latest songs, home work guide, inspiring ideas, quotes, news, phone and laptop wallpapers, relationship and dating tips, good apps, and technology-related stuff.

    Some of the teens also search for negative things like drugs, violence and nudity.

    Why me?

    It's normal to have moments of self-doubt. Remember that everyone faces challenges, and these experiences can help you grow stronger.

    Why i can't become like him/her?

    Comparing yourself to others is common, but remember that everyone's journey is unique. Focus on your own strengths and aspirations.

    Why am i not popular like him/her?

    Popularity doesn't define your worth. True friends appreciate you for who you are, not just your popularity.

    Why am i feeling so depressed and lonely?

    These feelings can be overwhelming. It's important to reach out for support, whether to friends, family, or a mental health professional.

    Should i get a job

    Getting a job can be a great way to gain experience, earn money, and learn responsibility. Consider your schedule and priorities before deciding.

    Why don't my family try to understand me?

    Sometimes, communication barriers can arise between generations. Patience and open conversations can help bridge this gap over time.

    Should i discuss about it with my family?

    Yes, sharing your thoughts and feelings with your family can help them understand your perspective better and offer their support.

    Our Areas of Focus


    We provide mentorship programs to guide and support teenagers in their personal and professional growth. Our mentors offer valuable advice, share experiences, and help teenagers navigate various challenges they may encounter.

    Tech Talks & Exploration

    We organize interactive sessions where teenagers can explore and learn about the latest advancements in technology. These talks provide insights into various fields, inspire creativity, and encourage teenagers to pursue their interests in technology.

    TT Essay Competition

    We conduct an annual essay competition that encourages teenagers to express their thoughts and ideas on relevant topics. This competition fosters critical thinking, improves writing skills, and provides a platform for teenagers to showcase their talents.

    Book Clubbing

    We facilitate book clubs where teenagers can engage in discussions about thought-provoking and educational literature. Through book club activities, teenagers enhance their reading comprehension, expand their knowledge, and develop a love for reading.

    Developing Leadership

    We offer workshops, seminars, and activities focused on developing leadership skills among teenagers. Through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios, we empower teenagers to become confident leaders capable of making positive changes in their communities.

    Career Talk

    We organize informative sessions where professionals from various fields share their career journeys and insights. These talks expose teenagers to different career options, help them make informed decisions, and provide guidance for their future aspirations.

    Enhancing Communication Skills

    We conduct workshops and activities that improve teenagers’ communication skills, including public speaking, active listening, and effective interpersonal communication. These skills are essential for building strong relationships, expressing ideas confidently, and succeeding in various aspects of life.

    Healthy Lifestyle

    We encourage teenagers to know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the teenage years is of utmost importance, setting the stage for a strong foundation of well-being that can last a lifetime.


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    The winners have distinguished themselves for excellence through the level of their performance and we are very proud of them and the prospects that they hold for the advancement of the nation

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